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Get your customers back without queuing with our #covid19secure scheduling system

Quite simply, you don’t want customers queuing outside your premises. 

It’s too easy to lose them to competitors, some people may not want to queue and many will still be fearful of coming out in public for health reasons.
Offering appointments online through closeddoor is a quick, simple process that everyone can easily do, and it will help you bounce back into the ’new normal’.
Before your customers come in, you’ll know who they are, their contact details and what they want.
This intelligence is invaluable. It helps you plan how many staff you safely need, gives you data for marketing and helps you proactively satisfy your customers.
  • Keep your staff and customers safe
  • Gain business intelligence
  • Receive customer details
  • Proactively plan ahead
Online Appointment Scheduler Calendar

For your customers

Your customers will love the simplicity of closeddoor and how quickly it is to make a booking. Whether you’re using the system for appointments, meetings, bookings or click-and-collect, it’s so easy for people of all ages and technical abilities.
  • Customers can book appointments 24/7
  • Give them confidence you're a Covid-19 Secure business
  • No need for customers to queue
  • Don't lose customers waiting around

For your business

You can choose the number of people who can make an appointment at any one time. The system can be operated by multiple users wherever there’s an internet connection. Increase customer retention and reduce missed appointments.
  • Unlimited number of appointments
  • No need to keep a manual calendar or answer the phone
  • Customers who book more likely to turn up
  • You'll have a log of all customers and times they visited
  • Remote calendar access helps homeworkers & managers
Marketing Data Appointment System

Marketing and customer data

Knowing who your customers are is king. This will help you succeed where so many other businesses will fail. It’s up to you how much you use this data to encourage re-purchase, upsetting or renewals. The opportunity is now here.
  • Receive customer contact details
  • Encourage customers to visit your website to book
  • Keep customers engaged on social media
  • Embed your closeddoor link on your website or social channels

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