When Will Gyms Re-Open in the UK?

Lockdown has well and truly been loosened. If you’re a personal trainer you might be anticipating an influx of new clients, ready to get their post-lockdown fitness journey back on track or perhaps begin a new one.
Personal Trainer Gym Workout

Or maybe the Pilates and Yoga instructors among us will see a flurry of new yogi’s wanting a teacher-led practice after turning to YouTube and Zoom classes for a bit of respite and calm.

Many people might have now been for a walk down the High Street and indulged in a bit of retail therapy, grabbed a coffee from their favourite barista, finally got that longed-for haircut, treated themselves to dinner out and savoured the first sip of an ice-cold pint from the local pub.

That’s a lot to do over a weekend when all you’re used to is a weekly grocery-shopping trip!

So what’s next?

Pubs might have taken the limelight over the weekend, but they’re not the only thing to re-open – Outside gyms (local council dependent) also opened again, giving all the fitness-freaks a little taste of what’s to come.

As we’re getting acclimatised to booking a slot for the pub alongside other things we book online like haircuts and tables for dinner, our thoughts are turning to what else we’ve been missing – And for some, it’s a workout in the gym.

Many are eagerly awaiting the re-opening of gyms and leisure centres for their first work-out that doesn’t involve being shouted at by Joe Wicks through the TV or running 5K around the village field. And whilst this seems to have been a mirage twinkling far away in the distance, Boris Johnson’s latest revelations indicate that it may in fact only be a couple of weeks away.

As with all businesses, there will be many steps to put in place to ensure that gyms will be Covid-secure – especially as they are one of the most close-proximity businesses out there. There will be lots of new rules and regulations to consider and new procedures to put in place ready for re-opening.

As a close-proximity business, it’s likely that gyms will also have to keep a record of anyone attending, as well as their contact details should they need to get in touch with them as part of ‘track and trace.’

How can closeddoor help?

For personal trainers, pilates teachers and yogi’s offering 1:1 sessions, Closeddoor’s online appointment scheduler could help bridge the gap. Take the stress out of booking appointments – By offering clients a link to your online calendar, they can book simply and securely. The appointment goes straight into your Google calendar, as well as providing you with a safe and secure way of keeping their data.

With still at least a fortnight to go before gyms could re-open, there’s time to get things in place.  

If you’re a personal trainer, pilates or yoga teacher and want to know more about how closeddoor could take care of all your appointment needs, get in touch with us today. It’s quick and easy to set up, and let’s you focus on the job you love rather than returning calls and scheduling.

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