Pre-Booking Essential – 75% of consumers want to book appointments before shopping post-lockdown

Retailers across the country are getting ready to reopen their store doors next week. Online scheduling and customer engagement platform specialists have been carrying out research in anticipation – Does your retail approach to post-lockdown life match what the public expect for a safe return to shopping in-store?

Here are some quick figures:

  • 79% of people are more likely to visit a shop if there is a limit to how many people are allowed in store at one time
  • 76% would like to buy online and then book a guaranteed time to collect it
  • 75% would prefer to pre-book an entry time rather than have to join a spur-of-the-moment queue

It’s hardly surprising that there is a big emphasis on how many people are in-store at one time and having queue management systems in place. Click and Collect is also looking to be a popular choice, as seen with grocery shopping throughout the lockdown period. Solutions to consumers biggest concerns seem to revolve around pre-booking appointments and online scheduling – Solving the number of people physically in-store at any one time as well as reducing queuing outside.

New Shopping Habits

Many respondents were leaning more towards online shopping options – 55% are not expecting to return to their normal shopping habits, with 25% going so far as thinking that they will never go back to the level of in-store shopping they enjoyed before the pandemic.

20% of consumers would be interested in a more online shopping experience, with virtual shopping online via Zoom, either by themselves or with friends. 17% said they would be shopping less in-store, but encouragingly that they would still be spending the same amount on non-essential shopping as they did before Covid-19.

Online Technology

As we’ve seen throughout the coronavirus crisis, online technology seems to be the hero of the moment in one way or another.

One of the main takeaways from this survey showed that queueless shopping seems to be the most essential part of in-store shopping amidst Covid-19 and post-lockdown life.

By encouraging shoppers to make an appointment, retail stores are easily able tocomply with social distancing guidelines, and thus help staff and customers feel safe. Pre-booking also helps manage the customer experience by reducing queues and not having consumers waiting outside to buy an item.

Many retailers have announced an appointment-only system as their first form of response for reopening as Covid-19 secure. For more information on our simple, easy-to-use online appointment-based system, get in touch with us at closeddoor today.

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