O2 Ready for Reopening with Appointment Scheduling System

O2 will be among the first non-essential stores to re-open on Monday 15th June.

O2 will be among the first non-essential stores to re-open on Monday 15th June.

They’ve spent much of the early part of the lockdown period planning new store design and layouts in order to open their shops safely for both staff and customers during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to store re-design, they will be implementing a virtual queue system for customers – so rather than wait in line, they’ll skip the queue and instead join a virtual system. They will then receive a text message when an advisor is ready to help them in a personal one-to-one appointment.

Whilst identifying potential problems, their teams noted that many stores had small shop space, as well as a need for face to face customer service. Like many retail outlets, they needed a more personal appointment system that enabled customers to pre-book their appointment as well as forming a virtual queue rather than a real-life one.

O2 have really placed tech at the forefront of their response to the coronavirus crisis. They have helped thousands of small to medium sized businesses to keep trading throughout Covid-19 by offering video consultation services and tools for remote working.

Now it’s time for other retail business to follow suit and be Covid-19 secure and ready for next Monday, by implementing simple technology to keep their staff and customers safe.

As O2 identified, this queue management tech is a simple yet effective way of offering a more personal service to customers whilst simultaneously reducing waiting time – Making social distancing guidelines easy to adhere to.

If you’re due to open next week and haven’t implemented your own queue management system, it’s not too late! Get in touch with closeddoor today and we’ll help set things in motion.

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