I’m a hospitality venue – How do I store customer details for ‘track and trace’ during COVID-19?

We all heard the cheer that went out when Boris Johnson announced that pubs and restaurants would be able to re-open soon – A cheer that seemed to echo around the whole of England.
Restaurant Track and Trace

But whilst potential customers are revelling in the idea of that first sip of an ice-cold pint of beer in their favourite pub garden, it’s not so simple if you’re the owner of one of these pubs, bars, restaurants or cafés.

You might be keen to re-open, but also feeling like there is a lot to plan and coordinate.

What will restaurants need to consider to re-open in a Covid-secure way?

Restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés will need to implement new procedures & booking systems in order to keep their business Covid-secure ready for re-opening:

  • More hand washing
  • Disposable menus
  • Table service
  • One household meeting one other household at a time
  • Encouraging customers to book online to comply with the expectation for venues to keep a register of customers’ contact details

Perhaps the biggest issue facing the hospitality sector is going to be the ability to collect customer data in case there is an outbreak and they need to be contactedfor ‘track and trace’.

What’s new?

You might be thinking this would be easy – Pubs, bars and restaurants take bookings for tables all the time. What’s the difference? Many of these bookings are taken over the phone with just a name and maybe a phone number, and those that are booked online are often just the same. Cafés don’t tend to take bookings, but will also be required to collect customer’s personal details.

The data needed for ‘track and trace’ needs to be more in depth than normal, as well as being stored securely to comply with data protection laws.

How can Closeddoor help?

Closeddoor is a simple to implement, easy to use booking scheduler. It’s mobile friendly and convenient for businesses and customers alike.

With pub and restaurant owners working towards re-opening on the 4th July, there isn’t much time left – but thankfully it doesn’t take long to set up.

You will be given a link to your individual Closeddoor calendar, where customers can browse available times and book their table, as well as provide all their personal details safely and securely.

The link to your calendar can be easily shared on your website, social media and e-shots so you can reach your customers across all platforms with a straight-forward way to book.

If this has whetted your appetite (pun intended) for getting your pub, restaurant, bar or café ready to take ‘track and trace’ friendly bookings, click here to get started.

If this has whetted your appetite (pun intended) for getting your pub, restaurant, bar or café ready to take ‘track and trace’ friendly bookings, click here to get started.

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