Appointment Scheduling for Education

If you ask any member of staff in an education setting how busy they are on a day to day basis, we think you’ll get a resounding “very busy!”

From constant phone calls and paperwork as well as being the first face you see when you go through the school doors – Secretaries, PA’s and office workers act as front of house as well as all their other duties.

So what if you could take away a drain on their precious time by utilising a simple scheduling system? Appointments could just book themselves.

At the moment in particular, schools are being stretched – Headteachers and senior staff are working around the clock to ensure that any classes that are coming into school are as safe and socially-distanced as possible, whilst bracing themselves for more regulations and a bigger intake any day.

There are always reasons why someone would need to make an appointment – closeddoor could help free up your phone lines and save your staff time by offering a simple scheduling solution that you can add a link to on your website, social media platforms, emails and newsletters.

How could closeddoor work for your school, college or university?

  • Primary / Secondary schools – By offering an online appointments system, people could easily book a date and time to see the Headteacher without needing to pick up the phone, saving admin staff time. Headteachers and their secretary can manage their diaries effectively by only offering appointment times to suit them. Any enquiries via phone, email or face to face could be signposted to their closeeddoor link.
  • Colleges / Universities – Senior members of staff could organise their own individual closeddoor accounts to help free up their time (or their PA’s time) so that any appointments can be easily organised.
  • Lecturers – Many lecturers work part-time around other jobs focused on their field of expertise. This means that they’re not always readily available for students to meet with on campus. Closeddoor could be the perfect solution – An easily accessed, online appointments scheduler that they can send to their students, with time slots selected for their individual availability. This could mean more time spent on education, less time organising diaries.

Our simple to use, mobile-friendly, web-based application is the appointments system that allows you to take control of your schedule. For more information on closeddoor head to our website, or if you want to get started right away, email us at hello@closeddoor.co.uk.

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